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A photograph of a large plastic elephant. To the left of the photograph is myself, in a long summer dress, kissing the elephant

Working on your own from home as a creator can be a lonely place. It's often hard to find like minded people to bounce ideas off, and sometimes you can go days without seeing another human (except those you happen to be lucky enough to live with). It can make you do strange things, like kissing large plastic elephants! I know that finding inspiration for my art and graphics work can be hard when you are surrounded by toys and snotty toddlers! 

For those of us who have founded businesses, but also juggle part time jobs, school runs, cleaning, caring, accountancy, fund raising and so on self care, and care for each other is increasingly important. 

I have come to learn that if we support each other great things can happen. The validation that comes from other makers and crafters is invaluable. So  if you need someone to have a chat with, I am always here for you. Just pop me a DM on Insta and I will reply as soon as I am able

A white dinner plate laid on a dark wooden table. On the plate is white muslin. On top of the muslin is a wedding invitaiton suite. It is deep aubergine in colour with golden dots cascading down the front. The kraft envelope accompanying the suite has rabbit tail grass laid on top of it. In the top right hand corner is a white wax seal

Wedding Photoshoots 

I helped to create and now run a large Facebook group for those professionals working in the wedding sector. It allows groups of professionals to come together to set up 'trade-for-print' photoshoots. The images captured in the shoots are used across social media platforms for publicity, but can also be submitted to blogs and magazines, which enhance the experience you can give to your wedding couples, and hopefully gain you some exposure and work. 

It's also a safe space to ask for advice and to chat all things 'wedding professional'. 

If you work in the wedding sector please click on the image to your right, and answer

the questions on the 'join' page. 



The easiest and simplest way to show your thanks to an independent or home-crafted small business is to write them a GOOGLE review. We creators love to hear about what you think of our makes, and how you are using them in your homes and businesses. It's such a simple task but every review is so helpful to a small business. Every lovely review we receive makes us do a small happy dance, and you help us to feel incredible. 


Tell everyone about your wonderful product or piece of art work. If you're happy with your order then spread the love, and encourage your friends and family to look them up too. Spread the love on social media. Most of our work comes from word of mouth, so be sure to tag or mention the supplier's name 


Instagram is the small seller's most powerful tool. Follow your favourite suppliers. Like, save and re-share their posts to your stories and post photo's of the products, arts and crafts and edible goodies once you've received them or they are in place in your home - and don't forget to tag the supplier! These small things really do mean the world to us, and actually help us expand our reach to new potential customers. To those of you already doing this, you are absolute superstars and we love you for this. THANK YOU 

A white dinner plate, on a gold charger plate, laid on a black wooden table. There is a gold and white espresso cup on a mathing saucer to the top middle of the picture. It contains coffee beans. Just underneath this - across the plate - is a piece of hessian. There is a macrame keyring laid on the hessian and attached to this is a golden autumn leaf, hand lettered with the name 'laura' in white ink,
A silver dinner plate next to a small ceramic bowl of baubles. horizontally across the plate lies a white linen napkin. On this is laid a strip of hessian and on top of the hessian, to the right of the late, is a painted log slice. It is painted a rich blue, and is hand lettered with the words 'Let it snow'. To the left of the plate lies a set of cutlery.



Sometimes it can be easy to use a certain online store to create a 'wish list' of goodie you would like to Christmas or birthdays etc. which is then shared with family or friends. 

But there is another way! 'My Wish List' is a website that allows you to add gifts you would like from independent makers, sellers and creators. The url to the gift you would like is added to your online wish list, and once your list is created, the link an be shared with your family and friends. You get the gift you want, and a lovely small business receives a much wanted and appreciated sale. Click the image to follow the link to the wish list website 

a pair of open hand holding cotton rag paper. This is handlettered with the words'speak love, bless people, give grace'  Surrounding the lettering are rosehip buds and gold foil. The wording is the tag line for celebrant 'Ruffled by Grace'.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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