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A bride dressed in white, with fingernails painted white, as a 'Snow White' bride. She is holding an apple, hand lettered with the words 'I'm wishing'


Calligraphy must be one of my favourite things to do in the world. As a primary aged child  I would pop next door to old Mrs Popham's house every year to write her Christmas cards and envelopes for her, and I think it started a 'thing'. My primary school was quite 'old fashioned' and we always wrote with fountain pens and ink (changing the ink cartridge was the best thing in the world when you are 8 years old!) and I often won handwriting competitions in the Eisteddfods. 

Since then I have gone on to do many calligraphy courses, and use a range of techniques to letter - from using a range of calligraphy nibs with pointed pens, often mixing my own inks from powders, as well as using micron pens and fine liners. 

If I can write on it, then I will. I have written on clam shells and driftwood for several weddings, so that they could be used for place settings as well as serve for favours. I've written on apples for photoshoots and written the most beautiful letters to children from Father Christmas. 

Often wedding couples pay by the hour for me to hand address envelopes, and I have also undertaken this service for businesses and charity sector organisations. In the same way, I have charged by the hour to write place cards and menus. 

Please pop me a message for a chat if you want to know more about I can help you with my calligraphy skills. 

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