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Paperleaf Studios is the perfect place for you to find adoption cards and gifts to help you celebrate the making of new families through adoption.


When we adopted our two gorgeous children last year, we found our family and friends were unable to send us adoption cards because there were none available on the high street. 

When our friends adopted we then discovered how very few adoption cards there were online and in the shops, so I decided to design and sell my own, which are currently sold via my Etsy store. I also sell some adoption gifts through drop shipping companies. Please click on the Etsy logo to be taken directly to my Etsy store or the Society6 logo to be taken to a site where you can buy 'Thank you Social Worker' gifts.

I hope to expand this range over the coming months by using my love of art and graphics to design a fuller range of cards. If you have a particular adoption request, such as a one off card, piece of art work or adoption journey milestone cards then please contact me, we can discuss designing something for you. 

If you are adoptive parents and would just like to chat to someone might just be going through something similar, please do send me a message.
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